Muscle Sprains and Strains, Consider Them an Injury

  • 12/23/2015

Muscle sprains and strains are becoming such a common injury at any age. These can be prevented if we pay close attention to our bodies and it’s needs. People maintain their cars a lot more often and frequent than their own bodies. We should treat ourselves to massage every so many miles, as well. Unlike our vehicles a warning light doesn’t come on, but your first clue could be stiffness and pain.

Now that old rule, “NO PAIN NO GAIN” doesn’t apply here. It is NOT a good idea to press forward with an injury. You will have better results and save yourself future complications if you treat the problem. Listen to your body’s warning signs. If we keep the muscle tissue soft, supple, and healthy we would limit most common injuries. Blood circulation is increased under healthy conditions, making recovery time faster after a workout. You reduce the amount of adhesion and scar tissue that your muscles accumulate during exercise, this helps to enhance performance. Once treated, you will benefit from having increased flexibility and range of motion. Most of all preventing future injuries. We keep bodies in motion.