Tech Neck, Posture Problems Caused by Desk Jobs

  • 12/23/2015

With more than five years in the massage industry , Body Mechanicx has come to realize that just about everything we do is technology related. If you stop everything you are doing and take a look around, you will notice almost everyone around you is “looking down” at an electronic device. This is causing a world of postural issues. At Body Mechanicx we like to call it ‘tech neck”. It seems that 80 percent of our clinic’s  cases are neck, shoulder, and back related injuries. As time moves forward, careers are becoming much  more sedentary. We, as a society, spend thousands of hours hunched over computers and other electronic gadgets. Not only does this cause a vast amount of other health related issues, it also causes damage to the body’s posture and structure.

If these underlying problems never get addressed, the issues may become serious which inevitably leads to injections, prescription pills, and or surgery. Some people will notice their heads begin to lean forward, this is called forward head posture. Or the back begins to have a permanent slouch, also known as a kyphotic curve. The anterior muscles become tight and shorten causing the neck, shoulders, and torso to lean in forward. Over time this causes several imbalances and compensations putting our bodies at risk for other symptoms such as carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines, temporal-mandibular joint disorders (TMJD). The first clue your body gives you is the feeling of tight and stiff muscles, later causing pain, burning, and inflammation.

In any case, there are preventative measures that can be taken to help correct the body and it all starts with you. The first step is to seek treatment, call for consultation. We will assess the problem and create a plan to reach your individual goals.