Elaina Martinez has been working on me for several years now, and I can honestly say that I haven’t felt better in years. I am a life-long dedicated golfer, so I have lots of wear and tear. Elaina’s talents go far beyond those of most massage therapists. She has incredible instincts when it comes to “sizing one up” with regard to muscle and postural issues, and she has the skills (and strength) to address and fix issues. If you give her the opportunity, I know she will produce great results. I have referred Elaina as much as possible over the years, and she has helped many of my friends (and family), too. She is a great “healer” if you give her the chance.

Sincerely, Jim Chambers   (avid golfer and athlete)

Elaina’s treatments helped give me my life back after a back injury. Doctors tried numerous invasive treatments that came with multiple negative side effects, but I was not making any improvements. A family member referred me to Elaina and I knew after the first session that this type of treatment was different and it was exactly what I needed to recover without any negative side effects. Over the course of a year, I continued to see Elaina on a regular basis. I went from barely being able to walk from my bedroom to my living room couch without assistance and dealing with constant painful muscle spasms to being able to take my dog on long walks, practice yoga, and go hiking. Elaina always listens to me when I tell her what areas are bothering me, but she also pays attention to how I walk and stand to understand what is causing the root of the problem that I may not be aware of. I highly recommend Elaina to everyone I know.

~ Nicole Corey